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Technology for your online communication strategy
NZN Services

Service that unites platforms of intelligence, production, audience and strategy for content marketing.

Development of digital content verticals, from planning to day-to-day execution, empowering brands to become content producers.

Translation of behaviors into relevant insights.

Tool to carry out market researches enriched with data regarding interests of the visitors of our verticals. With NZN Intelligence we translate consumer behavior into trends and insights to intelligent actions within the digital communication strategy.

Intelligent production platform for specialized content at an affordable price.

01.Incredible content

Nexperts is a tool that connects your business with a selection of expert content producers on topics of interest for your target.

02.Exclusive environment

Content produced by specialists in areas of brand interest.

03.Find by interest

Variety of formats to meet consumption needs in each platform.

Plan relevant and targeted content for your audience.

Cassius is a robust data platform that assists in the strategy of producing digital content from defining important themes and trends to segment monitoring on websites and social networks. There are 17 years of learning in a leading service for content producers of all sizes.

01.Knowledge & Insights

Get tips and insights to improve old and new content.


Find out which topics are the most relevant to your audience.

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